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The Mutual Match team is dedicated to only one thing: finding our clients real love, in real life. We specialize in working with growth-oriented professionals and leaders who have it all, except for the one thing that makes it all worthwhile.

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A leader in your field, growth-oriented, selective, private.

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A leader in our field, results-oriented, resourceful, discreet

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We are renowned for our matchmaking, but we also offer other personalized services designed to seriously move you forward in your quest for a meaningful connection. We know how challenging it can be in this increasingly digital world. If you’ve done it alone up until this point and it isn’t working, we will have an option that is right for you.


We are Canada’s certified premier matchmaking firm offering a personalized, boutique level of service geared towards established single professionals in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. You are selective and so are we. We only take on those clients we know we can help and match.


We hire coaches and advisors to guide us when we want to be physically fit, manage our finances, or advance in our careers. But when it comes to dating and something as important and life-changing as choosing a partner, most just leave it to chance. Be intentional. If you are serious about finding a healthy and happy relationship, take the next step and work with us. We will design a program, specific to you, that will move you forward with an actionable plan.

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This is a game changer. It starts with a 360 degree review of your dating history, where you are now, where you would like to be, and who would be a fit for you long-term. We deploy a unique combination of matchmaking, the best of online dating, and one-one-one coaching. We leave no stone unturned and work in partnership with you. This program works. Almost all of our Dating Reset clients have started dating someone seriously as a result of our efforts.

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Serious about finding a serious relationship? We have worked with 1000s of single professionals in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and have helped to move them forward. We know the unique dating challenges faced in each city and their surrounding areas. We will have a program that is right for you.