We are resourceful, detailed and discreet and our only focus is on helping you find your person. We go beyond the match with a proven and comprehensive approach. We really get to know you, where you are right now in your amazing life, and who would be a fit for you for a long-term, happy and healthy relationship. We then screen and thoroughly vet potential matches, with a focus on attraction (obviously), family values, lifestyle and long-term goals.

Step 1

After you apply, we book the phone consultation. This is an opportunity to chat with us one-one-one. We will learn a little about you and what you are looking for in a potential partner. And we will answer any questions about our process and how we work. We have a success rate of 93%. If we think we can help and match you, we will book the in-person consultation

Step 2

The in-person consultation goes in-depth. We really get to know you, where you are now, your relationship goals, and who you think would be a good fit for you, not just for a date, but for a long-term, happy and healthy relationship. Be prepared. We will talk about it all with the goal of really understanding you -- previous relationships, challenges with dating and the search, and, well, anything else that might come up that might help us help you.

Step 3

If we think you are a match for our matchmaking service (that’s important) and you want to work with the Mutual Match team (also important) and you are excited and open to the possibilities of being in a forever relationship, we will move forward. We will pull together your profile and start the matching process. Did we mention that all the support and coaching that you need is included? Because let’s face it, dating is not easy and we will have our blind spots.

Step 4

Once you become a client, we start recruiting and vetting potential matches on your behalf, while maintaining your privacy. We do all the leg work for you, including setting up the date, so that you get to enjoy the great aspects of dating without all the work! After each date, you provide feedback and we use that to fine-tune the search going forward.

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