Matchmaking vs. Online Dating


If single, chances are you’ve tried online dating or at least seriously thought about it. And if you are reading this blog, hiring a matchmaker may just be on your radar, too.  And because it’s not as mainstream, a question that I often get asked is how does matchmaking work and how is it different than online or mobile app dating?

Matchmaking is more personal

Most Matchmakers will meet you in person and will spend the time to get to know you and who you’re looking for in a partner. They will then conduct a customized search on your behalf. Unlike online dating, your picture and profile will not be posted on any public websites. But how a Matchmaker conducts the search will vary.

At Mutual Match, we maintain a database of screened singles by conducting private searches through social networking and online sites, personalized recruitment in Toronto and GTA communities, and through our affiliation with other reputable matchmakers. All matches are screened in person by a matchmaker before they are introduced to a client. And if you are interested in widening your search and are open to meeting someone outside of Toronto, we can do that too through our affiliation with other matchmakers in Canada, the U.S. and beyond.

It’s more private

As mentioned, your picture and profile will not be posted on public sites. Some people choose to go the private matchmaking route just for that reason. If you have a high profile job and the thought of bumping into colleagues, clients and direct reports on an online dating site makes you cringe, then Matchmaking may be a great alternative.

It’s less time consuming

There is no doubt that using online dating sites and mobile apps is a great way to meet new people, and people that you wouldn’t normally meet in your day-to-day life. But online dating will only get you results if you put in the effort. And effort means a whole lot of time. There’s just no way around it. And if time is not something you have a lot of, then hiring a Matchmaker may make more sense for you.

Matchmakers will take over the search and screen potential matches for you. They will introduce you to people who share similar lifestyles and interests and who are also looking for a longterm relationship. Unlike online dating sites, the emphasis will be on quality over quantity.

It’s more expensive

So how much is hiring a Matchmaker going to cost? It varies from company to company but because of the personalized nature of the service it will be more expensive than joining an online dating site. The matchmaking and recruitment process can be pretty labour intensive. We will only introduce a client to a potential match if they have been screened in person by me or another reputable matchmaker. We also provide personalized one-on-one coaching as part of our packages for each of our clients. For our detailed level of personalized service, our matchmaking fees are pretty competitive at $2450 (our starting package).

Matchmaking is an investment that many super busy professionals and executives are increasingly making! They are used to out-sourcing or hiring assistants and see the value in being just as proactive with their love lives. Also the old-school concept of face-to-face contact and the personal touch of a matchmaking agency is just more appealing than the online alternative for many.



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