Single? Tell a Matchmaker!

So you recognize that being proactive is an important part of meeting your future partner. You do online or mobile app dating (whether you like it or not), you go out and try to frequent places where other singles congregate, and maybe you have joined a singles group or two. Spreading the word and telling people in your personal network that you are looking is also a great idea. They just may know your future match!

This is all good stuff. Knowing that you have to make an effort and put yourself out there is the first step in meeting that special someone. Stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a little bit, will definitely increase your chances.

But I’ll also let you in on a little secret. There is also one more thing you could be doing. And it doesn’t cost a cent (usually!) and takes very little effort on your part. Tell a professional and reputable Matchmaker that you are single!  

Matchmakers are hired by single professionals and retirees who recognize the benefits of out-sourcing the search. We all know that online dating can be frustrating and time consuming and very public. Matchmakers can help by conducting a personalized and private search for their clients.

As part of their process, most matchmakers will maintain a private database (not online) of professional single men and women who are looking for a long-term relationship. If a database member happens to be a potential match for one of their clients, the matchmaker will contact them. Of course, letting a matchmaker know that you are single and looking doesn’t necessarily mean you will get an introduction, but you just know never know! So if you are doing online dating anyway, and letting friends and acquaintances know you are single, why not let your local matchmaker know, too?

If you are in the Toronto area, and want to join my free database, it’s as easy as filling out the short form on the Network tab on this website ( Or you can send me a note to



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