New year, new love?

If you are single and have been single for a while finding a serious relationship may be high on your list of New Year’s resolutions. January is a great month to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t and to develop a plan to move you forward.

I talk a lot about being proactive when it comes to finding your future partner. There is nothing more important than putting yourself out there and not just leaving it to chance. So if you are one of those people with the attitude that it will just happen when it’s meant to happen (and, well, it’s just not happening!), January is the perfect month to make some changes. Join an online dating site or two, tell people in your personal network that you are looking, and get out and mingle with other singles.

Another option is hiring a Matchmaker to conduct the search for you. Matchmakers are a great option for people with high profile jobs who may not want their profiles and pictures on public dating websites or mobile apps. It’s also a logical choice for professionals with limited time who are used to out-sourcing or hiring assistants and see the value in being just as proactive with their love lives.  While for others, the old-school concept of face-to-face contact and the personal touch of a matchmaking agency is just plain appealing, especially if they haven’t dated in a while.

Working with a Dating Coach can also go a long way in changing perspective and breaking patterns that have not been serving you. Have you come out of a long relationship and are overwhelmed by the thought of dating again? Have you been dating the same “type” with the same results? Coaching works! And at Mutual Match, one-on-one coaching, in addition to guaranteed matches, is included in our matchmaking memberships. We’ve designed a system that will help you put your best self forward to give you the best opportunity to attract your future partner. To start, we help our clients connect with and get really clear on who they are looking for. From there, we develop a customized dating strategy that will help you be successful with Mutual Match (and with your own dating efforts!). As well, during the matching process, ongoing support and encouragement are always included, before and after the date.

Is 2017 your year? Act now and contact us today. It all starts with a conversation.



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