“Receiving feedback after a great date (or two, or three) is the best part of my day. That and providing support to our clients through out the dating process — through the ups and the downs.” Terran Shea, Matchmaker & Date Coach

75% of our clients start relationships as a result of our efforts.

He is really, really great! We started with drinks, moved on to dinner, talked the whole time. We have so much in common; it’s amazing! And he’s very open with his feelings. You hit it out of the park! He’s away this weekend but we’re making plans to see each other again next week.
Lawyer, 48

Good morning Terran, just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to M. We were on the phone for over 3 hours last night just chatting. She’s amazing and I can’t wait to chat again tonight. Just wanted to say great choice matchmaker.
Accountant, 39

Thank you very much for your understanding and professionalism, Terran. It’s always a pleasure working with and talking to you about these things — you make it very easy.
Psychologist, 34

Had a great date last night — he’s a lovely man and we chatted and laughed away for 4 hours. We exchanged numbers last night and we both (I hope) want to see each other again.
Business Owner, 33

Home run!! So I would say Terran that we had a fantastic time together. We have a lot in common including small town roots, professional success, fitness (she’s in great shape — better than me!), children around the same age, financial stability, an interest in cottaging and an interest in having fun and traveling. Did I mention that she’s also gorgeous? First impressions were fantastic and I am interested in really getting to know her.
Lawyer, 56

“It was a great first date last night. The best one in a very long time. L was engaging and smart. We had a lot of the same interests. I hope she feels the same way.
Physician, 66

Things are going well with him. We are continuing to get to know one another. I will keep you posted!
Lawyer, 47

I’ve had two dates with her so far. I’m enjoying getting to know her.
Lawyer, 33

I have really enjoyed working with you on this. You obviously know your stuff. I’m going to put my membership on hold for now and focus on getting to know A. We had the talk last night. Thanks for all your support.
Executive, 52


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