I think she may be the one. Obviously I need more time to confirm but I’ve never met anyone like her. Thank you Terran, working with you has made the difference. I’d like to focus my attention on her.

ManKevin - 44, Tech Executive

Terran approaches her work with a high degree of sensitivity and professionalism. I truly enjoy interacting with her as she has a knack for helping one feel safe to be themselves and let their guard down while also pursuing a truly healthy relationship. She has a great sense of people and what makes a great match.

WomanBrooks - CEO, 44

My experience with Terran has been completely wonderful. She took the time to understand the type of man I was interested in finding, and put me together with three very high quality dates. All men had great character, were exactly what I told Terran I was looking for, and yet our paths would never have crossed without Mutual Match's assistance. I have been dating a fantastic man for over five months, and we are both very grateful to Terran for putting us together!

WomanAndrea - 51, Financial Services Entrepreneur

It was around the beginning of COVID when I started working with Mutual Match. The pandemic was not going to stop me from searching. I was more than ready for that next chapter and online dating was not working. I was burnt out. Terran and her team introduced me to some great women. On my third match, I met E----. They were great people but it just clicked with her and we’ve been together ever since.

ManChris - Lawyer, 36

Home run! So I would say Terran that we had a fantastic time together. We have a lot in common including small town roots, professional success, fitness (she’s in great shape — better than me), children around the same age, financial stability, an interest in cottaging and an interest in having fun and traveling. Did I mention that she’s also gorgeous? First impressions were fantastic and I am interested in really getting to know her. And that advice you gave me was spot on.

ManLouis - 56, Senior Partner, LLB

It was such a joy for me to share my good news and I promise to keep in touch with updates/pictures. I respect and appreciate what you do. I wouldn’t have met him if it wasn’t for you, the “Love Guru”.

WomanJackie - Executive, 43

You are a very wise dating mentor. You were patient but very upfront and straight forward and you helped me realize what was important. I had lots of epiphanies when we worked together. And one of those was definitely about what women really find attractive.

ManDavid - Lawyer, 40

Thank you very much for your understanding and professionalism, Terran. It’s always a pleasure working with and talking to you about these things – you make it very easy.

WomanKatherine - 36, Clinical Psychologist

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