Welcome to a different kind of dating

A professional, well-established woman deserves her equal partner and a positive dating experience. You don’t have to settle for anything less.

The search doesn’t always have to mean endless swiping, dead-end conversations, and awkward first dates. At Mutual Match, we know you value your privacy, have a busy schedule, and don’t have the time to waste on dating a man who isn’t also focused on finding a long-term, committed relationship. We get it. We only work with professional, relationship-focused men who are also making the search for The One a priority. To that end, we invite you to apply to join our confidential roster, for free. It could seriously be life-changing!

How it works

After you apply to Mutual Match, our team will review your information. We may get in touch and schedule some time to speak with you so that we can learn more about you, where you are now in your life, and what you are looking for in a partner. We will review this information with our male clients in mind. You will then be presented with any matches who we think might be a fit for you. If it’s a mutual match, we will schedule the date, check in after, and fine-tune the search parameters, if needed.

Apply today. We respect your privacy.

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